iSiMAR status · COVID-19

iSiMAR status · COVID-19

Dear colleagues:

We hope that you and your Friends and family are doing well in these difficult moments.  The security of our staff, in our offices and factory, those that are working remotely in comercial offices, as well as our clients and collaborators are our foremost concern.

Our factory is currently working under normal conditions, given the circumstances. For the moment, we have not had any cases of coronavirus within our staff, in our families, or within our immediate environment; we have taken the necessary measures recommeded by the health authorities within the working environment for our protection as well as for those closest to us.

This week, for those departments in which it is posible, we will begin to carry out a ‘remote’ system, where those employees can work from home.  For those departments where this is not posible, a safe distance will be maintained between workers in our company.  Meetings with clients and providers will be carried out online. On the factory floor, extraordinary measures have been taken with the staggered beginning and end of shifts, as well as maintainenance of the recommended distance while at the work stations as well as on breaks.  We have also implemented use of masks and gloves during the entire working day, as well as the cleaning of communal zones between each shift and the encouragement of maintaining personal hygine.

Our goal is to maintain production and expeditions, customer service and our service at the maximum level that we usually do, without putting at risk the health of any of our staff, clients, suppliers, or collaborators at any point. We will stay up to date of the evolution of the current situation and will take appropriate measures.

Finally, we hope that you and yours are well and would like to take this opportunity to send our best to those affected, as well as their families.


Eduardo Ruiz de Velasco and Luis Fernando Unceta


Fecha 16-03-2020