We are manufacturers

We are manufacturers

More than 55 years manufacturing with the same material

More than 55 years ago, Industrias San Isidro (iSi) manufactured metal structures such as chicken cages or shelves for refrigerators. We have studied this material for years and have discovered its maximum durability, resistance and nobility.

This is how we do

Due to our experience and knowledge of the material we have achieved a level of excellence in the manufacturing process, with the ability to control the entire process from beginning to end in our factory located in Pamplona, in the north of Spain.

1. Choice of Material

Our materials are high quality, suitable for intensive use and environmentally friendly. All our products are made of galvanized wire or aluminum, both 100% recycled and recyclable.

2. Industrial technology

Due to our Industrial technology and capability we can manufacture all the components of our pieces with accuracy and precision.

3. In-house tooling

Our unique designs require tooling developed in-house. In this way we preserve our handcrafted essence, ensuring that we meet the highest quality standards.

4. Welding and finishing

We weld all the parts of the product manually. Once the composition is complete, we polish the material to achieve the perfect finish.

5. Painting in powder epoxy

We use texturized matte polyester powder coat, specifically for galvanized steel and aluminium, free of lead and toxics and with excellent mechanical properties for resistance for outdoor and contract use.

6. Quality control systems

We use texturized matte polyester powder coating, designed specifically for galvanized steel and aluminium, lead-free and non-toxic and with excellent mechanical properties to achieve maximum resistance in outdoor and contract use.

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