art direction

ILMIODESIGN acts as iSiMAR´s art director. With their pioneering and avant-garde design, Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani, supervise all of our collections, and help us create unique products, solutions and contemporary esthetics for the most innovative projects.

It defines itself as a creative bin, with focus in all the facets of design, and where each project is approached based on specific client needs to create a bespoke solution. They currently collaborate with many of the most influential hotel groups, such as Barcelo, NH Hotel Group, Concept Hotel Group, Azora, Hispania or HI Partners. Due to their product design vocation, they started to work with iSiMAR several years ago as art directors and designers of two of the most unique and successful collections, LAGARTO, PARADISO and MADAME.


Inspired by the MiMo (Miami Modern) aesthetics of the 1950s.
Retro and contemporary.