#Be Respectful

We have developed a Social Responsibility Policy (SRP), a global plan that protects and strengthens our principal Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

#BeRespectful is a commitment with the environment, innovation, social and local economic environment, as well as with the quality of the product.

01. Our products are made with materials that are 100% recycled and recycable.

02. We are committed to a circular economy,
producing and developing products that have a long life.

03. Our factory is powered by 100% PV solar energy. We produce 5 times more renewable
energy than our consumption. We provide our surplus to other local companies.

04. We strive every day to reduce our carbon footprint. We have achieved CO2 negative emisions, contributing positively to the environment.

05. We have a plastic-free product and packaging policy, as well as other minimum
waste, responsible consumption and recycling measures.

06. We promote innovation and incorporate technological advances in order to grow and help our community grow.

07. We support local industry. 100% of our suppliers are European and 80% of them are located in our region, in a radius of less than 60 miles.

08. Our company ethics work for the human rights, progress, workplace security and the equality of opportunity for all gender and race.

09. We carry out activities and alliances with like-minded organizations, with those who share the same objetives and values as us.

Sustainable, recycled and durable materials

All our products are manufactured from galvanized steel or aluminum. Materials that we have been using for decades and whose experience allows us to offer the best solution, being resistant, durable and sustainable.

The steel and aluminum we use come from 100% recycled sources and are, at the same time, recyclable. Due to the recyclability of these materials, we can be recovered and reused them in new products at the end of their useful life. This closes the life cycle of the materials and reduces waste generation, as well as conserving finite resources and reducing pollution.

Both steel and aluminum are recognized for their durability and resistance to corrosion. That ensure that products have a longer service life. This reduces the need to replace them frequently and ultimately reduces the amount of waste generated.

These materials are sourced from local suppliers. In this way, we support the region's economy and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting materials from distant locations. This promotes economic development and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Uso de materias primas

Galvanized steel




(wire / tube)


100% acrylic fabrics

Mass dyed


Technical outdoor leather






Polyurethane foam

Recycled fibers



Environmentally friendly and complies with the European Directive on "Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances". Neutral salt spray test: C5H - ISO 12944-2/6 (Qualisteelcoat).

Renewable energy and self-consumption installation

Reduction of electricity consumption in the factory during the industrial process.


Change in energy consumption to renewable sources.


Installation of 1352 photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 730KW.


66% self-consumption. Sale of surplus energy to neighboring companies.

0 net C02 emissions in the factory's electrical activity.

Reduction of 35% of carbon in our industrial process.


Estimated 30% reduction in emissions.


Committed to reduce 50% of our C02 emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with SME Climate HUB.

Plastic free policy

Substitution of plastic for more sustainable alternatives in packaging materials:

  • 75% reduction in plastic bags: 50% recycled plastic and paper in the current ones (exclusive use in upholstery).
  • Substitution of bubble wrap and expanded polyethylene for corrugated cardboard and crumpled recycled paper for furniture protection.
  • 100% recycled palletized material: film and strapping.