1. Material

All products manufactured by iSiMAR are suitable for indoor, outdoor and Contract use.

The materials we use are galvanized steel and aluminum. Both are durable, suitable for intensive use and resistant to inclement weather. For this reason, they are qualified for exterior and interior use as well. Likewise, we use noble materials, 100% recycled and recyclable and responsible with the environment.

2. Painting

We use a texturized matte polyester powder coat specifically for galvanized steel and aluminium. It has excellent mechanical properties for resistance for outdoor and contract use. It also complies with the Qualicoat, GSB, and Marine norms and directives, as well as respecting the environment.

All the colors of our palette have the same price list.

Painting with custom colour available. Consult with the Commercial Department.

Recommended primer for facilities near the sea.

3. Fabrics

Outdoor fabric
Our fabrics are 100% dyed acrylic, high-coat weight which are breathable and water-repellant, as well as stain-resistant, permanently-colored, resistant to rotting, wear, and UV, and is easy to maintain. It completes the norms and directives necessary for exterior and contract use.

Outdoor leatherette fabric

The upholster material is characterized by a very fine leather grain. Due to its resistance to light, salt water, sudor, blood and urine, abrasion and its pleasant, natural feel, the material is perfectly suited for outdoor and contract use. Upholstering with client fabrics is available. Consult with the Commercial Department.

4. Cushions

Cushions made of 100% solution dyed acrylic. Manufactured in Spain with top quality fabric for outdoor, indoor and contract use. Sizes fit all chairs, stools and lounge chairs. The cushions offer the upmost comfort. All our collections have a seat pads available.


Our tables offer different table-tops dimensions. Tops materials include galvanized steel, compact top, and porcelain top.

Porcelain Top

The high performance porcelain table-tops, made from a mineral base such as quartz, are impermeable, scratch-resistant, resistant to temperatura fluctuation and UV rays, as well as hygienic and easy to clean. They are 100% natural and recyclable. All of these characteristics make them ideal for outdoor and contract use.

Compact Top

Our laminated high-pressure tablet-ops are robust, resistant to water, scratching, impact, abrasion, chemical substances, and heat; characteristics that make it ideal for outdoor and contract use.

6. Customization

iSiMAR has customization and personalization services: personalized with laser cutting, table levelers, fixing to the floor, primer, etc. Consult with the Commercial Department.

7. Additional Information

Weight capacity: 250 kg / 500 lb
ISO 9001 Certificates.


At iSiMAR we have a commitment to Sustainable Development Goals. For this reason, within our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy we are part of and lead projects to contribute to Sustainability, Innovation and the growth of the Community.

Read our 8 commitments to SDGs.



At iSiMAR we manufacture under order. The production time is 4 weeks once the order has been placed.

The delivery period will start as soon as the order is confirmed by iSiMAR, the necessary Buyer's technical documents have fully arrived at iSiMAR, the agreed payments and guarantees are given and the required official permits are granted.


There is currently no minimum order quantity.


We do not have stock of products. Despite producing to order, they can consult with the Commercial Department for fast-moving products available at the factory.


iSiMAR is present in more than 45 countries and we ship anywhere in the world.

We have distributors and agents all over the world. Consult with the Commercial Department in case you need to contact an agent.


1. Retention of title

The seller shall retain ownership of all delivered goods until he has received the agreed payments in full. The buyer authorises the seller to register the reservation of ownership in public records or files, and shall give any signature required to this effect.

2. Guarantee

The Seller guarantees exclusively that on the delivery date, the products will meet the agreed-upon specifications and will guarantee them for two years.

The products are sold without posterior guarantee and with no compromise of the Seller regarding the possibilities of processing, potential applications and commercialization.

The Seller will be responsible for repairing or replacing any merchandise that, before the expiration of the two-year guarantee, have proven not fit for use due to poor materials, design defect or poor construction.

All deficiencies beyond the control of the Seller are excluded from the guarantee and responsibility of the Seller. This specifically includes normal wear and tear, falsified information from the Buyer, inadequate maintenance or storage, failing to follow set-up and functional instructions, use of any inappropriate material, influence of chemical or electrolyte action, alteration or modification of the furniture, any type of stain or scratch not reported within 24 hours of reception of material, corrosion as a result of scratches or missing paint as a result of normal use and wear, small dots or lack of paint resulting from the nature of the material that can be corrected with materials provided by the Seller (touch up paint), corrosion from use in maritime zones.

If the Buyer alleges that the the agreed-upon guarantee does not meet the technical specifications, the guarantee will only be valid if the Seller has the opportunity to verify that the guaranteed parameters are not met and the guarantee will be limited to the total value of the merchandise, either economically or by replacing the material in question.

The guarantee by the Seller is dependent upon the proper and timely compliance with the payment conditions agreed upon with the Buyer.

3. Damage

The guarantee claims and the responsibility of the customer are exhaustively covered by these conditions. When there is no specific statutory law to the contrary, in no case will the buyer be authorised to contractual or extra contractual claims for damages, but not limited to, loss of production, loss of use, of orders, of profit and other direct, indirect or consequential damages. The seller is only liable to compensate the customer for the costs of remedying defects in the goods he has supplied.