A new adventure begins: iSiMAR KiDS

A new adventure begins: iSiMAR KiDS

Our first outdoor furniture collection for KiDS!

A few months ago we began to design our new and exciting project, created to bring joy and fun to many homes, gardens and other spaces.

iSiMAR KiDS was created to join our little ones throughout their childhood, making their surroundings bright and colorful. High quality outdoor furniture, with the essence of our design and with a wide variety of customization options.

Thanks to iSiMAR’s shared product, design and material expertise, KiDS products are durable, strong and environmentally friendly.

Explore all our customization options!

You can follow the steps of this new adventure at isimarkids.com & follow us on our Instagram account @isimarkids

Fecha 01-06-2022

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