Manufacturers since 1964

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At iSiMAR we are proud and passionate of our industrial origins and our Mediterranean roots. We have been working with the same pure, natural, and environmentally friendly materials with care and knowledge for the last 55 years; mainly with galvanized rod, but also aluminum and galvanized steel in sheet and tube. Our product has always been exposed to humid and highly corrosive environments, working in industries such as poultry equipment or industrial refrigerators. Therefore we have acquired during decades the experience and knowledge necessary to live in outdoor environments.

Almost ten years ago, we decided to expand our industrial plan into creating contemporary exterior furniture designs. These designs are unique in their visual lightness and carefulness towards the architectural spaces that rod provides.

We conceive each collection, together with architects and designers, with the purpose of producing pieces that inspire professionals in creating clean, modern, comfortable and functional spaces. ISiMAR products result from the combination of these designs, the use of natural materials, our industrial expertise (which gather production technologies with craftwork acquired over decades) and our roots of healthy, genuine, Mediterranean country that likes to share memoirs and life experiences.

Be authentic

"With the same wire, we made chicken cages, refrigerator shelves, as well as other products. We´ve worked with this material for years and have achieved maximum durability, resistance, and nobility".

We are manufacturers

For decades we have manufactured metal structures and have achieved a level of excellence in the manufacturing process, with the ability to control the entire process from beginning to end in our factory Pamplona, located in the north of Spain.

Check here our Quality Policy.

01 / Choice of material

02 / Industrial technology applied to component manufacturing

03 / In-house tooling 

04 / Welding and finishing 

05 / Painting in powder epoxy polyester, for outside use

06 / Quality Control Systems 

Art direction

ILMIODESIGN acts as iSiMAR´s art director. With their pioneering and avant-garde design, Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani, supervise all of our collections, and help us create unique products, solutions and contemporary esthetics for the most innovative projects. 

ilmio design

It defines itself as a creative bin, with focus in all the facets of design, and where each project is approached based on specific client needs to create a bespoke solution.

ILMIODESIGN was established in Spain in 2009 by the encounter between Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani, both Italian graduates from the University Politecnico di Milano. They currently collaborate with many of the most influential hotel groups, such as Barcelo, NH Hotel Group, Concept Hotel Group, Azora, Hispania or HI Partners. Due to their product design vocation, they started to work with iSiMAR several years ago as art directors and designers of two of the most unique and successful collections, LAGARTO and PARADISO.

Ramón Esteve

Ramón Esteve founded REE in 1991, a studio which engages the Architecture, Design and Communication with the philosophy of ‘creating places you would like to live in’. The collaboration with iSiMAR was inspired by the unique landscape of Formentera island, creating the Mitjorn collection. Its structure reflects the rugged terrain, caused by the sharp rocks that divide the sandy areas of the beach. A unique result, with a contemporary and innovative aesthetic.

Teresa Sapey + Partners

Architecture and Interior Design Studio led by Teresa Sapey, specialized in the hotel sector, luxury residential and in the transformation of non-places such as parking lots and walkways. Color is a fundamental element in their project, through which the emotions present in the spaces are channeled. His vision of ‘Emotional Architecture and Design’ becomes real when the space leads you to live an experience. Inspired by the Roman triclinium, she has designed the ROMANA collection. The reinterpretation of a classic piece that turns it into an iconic and timeless design element that dresses all kinds of spaces and combines with any kind of style. A versatile and unforgettable piece.

Matteo Thun Atelier

Motivated by his consolidated career in architecture and interior concepts, the designer Matteo Thun has begun a project that unites furniture and personalized lighting, focused on the residential sector. The simplicity of his timeless designs guarantee the esthetic and technical durability of his designs

Chaput & Guijarro

Chaput & Guijarro come from the collaboration of two international furniture designers. The Cadiz chair arose from the idea of reinterpreting the popular cafeteria chair. Its minimalist lines give it a timeless and universal air, converting it into the perfect option for hotels and restaurants.

Our materials

Our experience and knowledge of the material allows us to offer solutions for resistance, durablility and intensive use.  In this way, our materials are noble, recyclable, recycled and responsible with the environment. 

Be respectful

As part of our Company Responsability Policy, we have developed a strategic plan that protects and strengthens our principal objectives. #berespectful is a commitment to the environment, innovation, the social and economic setting, as well as with the quality of the product.

01. Our products are made with materials that are 100% recycled and recyclable.  

02. We are committed to a circular economy, producing and developing products that have a long life. 

03. Our factory is powered by 100% PV solar energy. We produce 5 times more renewable energy than our consumption. We provide our surplus to other local companies. 

04. We strive every day to reduce our carbon footprint. We have achieved CO2 negative emisions, contributing positively to the environment.  

05. We have a plastic-free product and packaging policy, as well as other minimum waste, responsible consumption and recycling measures.  

06. We promote innovation and incorporate technological advances in order to grow and help our community grow.  

07. We support local industry. 100% of our suppliers are European and 80% of them are located in our region, in a radius of less than 60 miles. 

08. Our company ethics work for the human rights, progress, workplace security and the equality of opportunity for all gender and race.  

09. We carry out activities and alliances with like-minded organizations, with those who share the same objectives and values as us.